#8 : John Sanei : How to future proof yourself in an age of disruption

John Sanei [@JohnSaneiis a leading innovation specialist, best selling author, global keynote speaker, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur. In addition to that long list of acknowledgments he now has the honor of being the first South African to be accepted into the Singularity University faculty, a huge achievement in and of itself.

In this episode we chat about a wide array of subjects including John’s origin story that saw him start working at a young age to buy the things he wanted. We then cover his early successes and how it lead to his eventual financial and emotional bankruptcy. John maintains an extraordinarily positive outlook on life and his rapid rise is testament to that outlook and his belief in himself. I hope you enjoy my chat with him as much as I did. Enjoy!

There are so many amazing takeaways and lessons to be learned in this episode as John shares his outlook on everything from business, the future to minimizing barrier to entry while trying to achieve your goals. It’s a really great listen, enjoy!


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