#4 : Professor Timothy Noakes, The Noakes Foundation

Professor Timothy David Noakes (@ProfTimNaokes) is a South African scientist and an emeritus professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town. He has run more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons and is the author of several books on exercise and diet. He is known for his support of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet, as set out in his best-selling book The Real Meal Revolution. In this episode, we discuss the professor’s journey, his approach to nutrition and his battles against the traditional thinking around diet today. It’s a hugely fascinating and in-depth episode.

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2.00 How do you describe who you are?

2.09 March 1968 decided to study medicine.

3.23 More interested in physiology and science.

3.55 Fell into nutrition story over last five years.

5.00 Feel something is wrong and then research to find why.

5.43 Hi Carb journey.

5.02 Carbs the poor man’s diet.

2.16 Scientists in Stockholm fill muscles with sugar to perform better.

5.25 Sugar and Carb Industry funded Noakes’s studies to prove high carb diet is beneficial.

5.40 Father’s death from diabetes.

6.01 12th December 2010 – Wrote book Waterlogged attacking Gatoraid.

7.26 “Follow the mone”

8.13 Lipo phobia.

8.29 Reason for slow adoption in the world.

8.50 Book: The Smear, Sharyl Attkisson

9.04 Noakes’s experience of smearing.

9.28 Public support of Noakes prevents the Noakes smear campaign working.

10.01 Hilary Clinton was the first person to use smearing in 1990s.

11.15 Vegans attack Noakes’s using his diabetes to imply LCHF doesn’t work.

11.34 Facts on Noakes’s family history of diabetes and his genetic predisposition.

11.55 Noakes’s diabetes – carbs and LCHF.

12.27 Age 28 insulin resistance data on Noakes already existed.

12.43 On medication and LCHF Noakes shows no sign of diabetes.

12.50 Noakes postulates what his health would be if he was still on the typical diabetic high carb diet.

13.24 Noakes discussed that it is the hi-carb diet that kills diabetics not the disease.

13.55 Would a LCHF diet permanently put off the diabetes?

14.10 In Noakes’s life time Cape Town has become the world capital of diabetes.

15.04 Why diabetes is prevalent in Cape Town.

15.19 Tests of 1000 random non-diabetics in Bellville for markers of diabetes show that all those tested will become diabetic.

15.29 Report that 100 million of 300 million people in the USA are diabetic.  This number will grow to 50% if insulin testing rather than glucose testing was conducted.

15.45  400 million people worldwide with diabetes only 40 million with HIV.  It’s a far worse problem.

15.31 Visiting Verta Health in the California, USA – reversing Type Two diabetes through LCHF but only while on diet.  Carbohydrate reduction reduces need for insulin.

19.37 Diabetes was uncommon when we did not eat carbohydrates.  Humans have no capacity to eat high carbohydrates and have a two million year history of eating LCHF.

19.50 Humans are only mammals that eat predominately carbohydrates. Cows eat cellulose which is converted to saturated fatty acids, which is a high fat diet.

21.02 We used to have fat guts like the gorillas, but we started eating ruminants to obtain our fat.

22.19 Ancel Keyes in the USA developed rations for the forces. Put Eisenhower on high carb diet which nearly killed. Then he published the Seven Countries Study on the relationship between fat and heart disease. Choosing data

24.57 Within two years Keyes converted the American Heart Association by becoming a member of the committee and putting his friends on the committee.

25.10 Vegetable oil industry-funded Keyes.

27.20 1970’s Keyes study, called the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, proved high carbohydrate diet did not work.  Keyes buried the data.

26.37 American Heart Association buys into high carbohydrate that leads to sugar being added to food to make it palatable.

27.28 Ketosis, what is it and how does it work?

33.05 We are designed to live in cold climate and eat animals with large deposits of fat.

34.47 We went towards carbohydrates when the fat animals died off.

35.15 How to get a ketonic state in your body.

35.49 Benefits of fasting and how to fast.

37.00 Benefits of keeping insulin down.

37.31 One size cannot fit all.

38.00 10% of population can keep body weight down on a high carbohydrate the rest can’t.  Carbohydrates are not stimulating brain to be hungry for these people.

39.35 Militant vegans perspective “saving the world” vs destruction caused by vegan eating.

41.47 Who is funding the vegan movement?

43.05 Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith.

43.40 Department of Health Middle Management in Western Cape influenced by Vegans and Vegetarians, because the LCHF is not sustainable according to them.

44.23 Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, one of great books in medicine of all time, destroys the story that fat causes heart disease.

44:44 – “It’s true there are two diets you can use to reverse diabetes. You either follow the high-fat diet or you eat no fat at all”

44.55 “Diet has nothing to do with diabetes” American Diabetes Association

47.57 1.5% of population of USA is vegetarian, Vegan 0.5%.

46.18 Young Vegans are not eating nutritionally sound for young people who are still developing.

46.56 Case brought again Noakes based on an attack from the Professor Cardiology and colleagues at UCT his book Challenging Beliefs.

48.45 The “we” question Noakes answered where he suggests a baby should be weaned onto LCHF.

50.00 Noakes’s book about the case against him (will be published in November).

50.27 Discussion of the data used to charge Noakes.

51.46 Asked three universities involved, Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Liverpool, in preparation of data to answer Noakes rebuttal and they refused.

52.35 Claire Yulsing Strydom, and large organizations, were waiting for the paper to be produced to lodge a complaint against Noakes.

53.10 Noakes found innocent on all ten charges.

54.48 First expert witness, Professor Estee Voster who drew up the SA dietary guidelines which state: make starchy foods a feature of every meal.

55.59 The five people who saved my life in the trial.

57.24  The book covers the five years from the letter from the cardiologists at Groote Schuur.

57.44 Just received the most prestigious scientific award NRF Lifetime Achievement Award. Within half an hour the letter from the cardiologists was with the Cape Times. The Award became lost in the story of Prof Noakes damaging patients.

57.15 Made the trial a trial of the diet. 12 days testimony designed to sway the audience.

58.02 It is on record that the current dietary advice is unconventional because it’s not evidence-based.  Our diet is based on the convention that is evidence-based.

58.47 The Minister of Health could change it tomorrow based on the evidence that the current teachings are not accurate.

59.03 Evidence that Coca-Cola was behind some of the people who were the key witnesses.

59.46 Hacking your own diet? What markers should we be looking for? What makes the brain function better?

62.30 Noakes presented evidence when fasting and in ketosis so he would do it best. Noakes counsel, Mike van der Nest, was also on diet and was also ketonic.

61.10 Measuring cholesterol means nothing. They are useless markers of health and likelihood of heart attack.

1.02.40 Correlation between cholesterol and heart attack is based on the Framingham study.  It is actually smoking that predicts likelihood of heart disease not cholesterol.  High fat diets were proved to offer the least risk.

1.04.05  the more fat in the diet the less heart disease, the higher the cholesterol the less heart disease.  Those eating polyunsaturated fats are dying of heart disease.

1.04.13 Tear up your cholesterol tests. It will always be about five, you will be put on a low-fat diet, take a staten and that is the direction for diabetes and is causing the diabetes epidemic.

1.04.44 Best measure is the fasting insulin level, it is the first thing that goes up and the value should be below five or six.

1.07.31 HBA1C glycated hemoglobin value tell what average glucose has been over the past three months.  

1.07.10 Obesity is an age-related disease because we become more and more insulin resistant as we get older.

1.07.34 Measure glucose on a regular basis particular after high carbohydrate meals. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has a Glucose Monitor on his Apple watch, and he was wearing it and he suddenly lost 20lb, because his glucose was always high after carbs, so he changed his eating habits. [LINK]

1.08.26 Silicone Valley completely low carb, this is where the change will come.

1.09.09 In ten years time the information doctors are getting will be redundant and Google and Apple will be controlling the information and Doctors will become redundant except as specialist.

1.10.00 Diagnosis will fall into the realm of computer analysis and diagnosis.

1.10.10 Eric Topple, The Patient Will See You Now, can diagnose a heart attack with his cell phone and to look at the heart.

1.11.15 What does your day look like?

1.13.57 LCHF good for inflammation, what else can be done?  

1.142.20 Cut sugar, cut processed foods, learn to cook, cook your own meals from real food with grass-fed animals and fewer chemicals.

1.16.02 Need to keep gut flora correct – cut cereals and wheat – creates leaky gut and inflammation.

1.17.12 Noakes thanks, supporters. Asks us to demand we are taught the truth. Individuals must work as groups to create change.

1.18.11 Three million people have adopted the diet.

1.20.55 Details of the new book.